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Lime render is one of the many types of lime product we supply across the UK. One of the main benefits of using lime is it’s breathability – meaning it will allow moisture to escape from the structure. It also has exceptional capillary properties, lime rendering will actively help draw moisture out and therefore protect the fabric of the building by preventing excess moisture from being able to cause damage.

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Our range of lime-based external render and decorative finishes give you the opportunity to enjoy the unique qualities of lime throughout your building project.

From renovations and conversions through to new builds and developments, our Lime products offer high levels of flexibility, durability and quality of finish.

Lime Render – An Overview

This product is applied to the exterior of a buildings walls to form a finish coat. Mixed from a combination of of lime, sand and water – Our lime renders are highly breathable and water-resistant, some of the most common applications are…

1. The restoration of historic buildings: Quite often used in historic building restoration, lime render is a great choice because of (often) its compatibility with the original masonry. This is in combination with the fact that it will not do any damage to the original structure. It’s a great choice to either restore or repair the original render or just recreate a historic looking finish.

2. New construction: As well as its use on historic buildings, lime render is also suitable for use on new construction projects when looking for a finish over stone, brick or masonry. Moisture can escape from the walls due to it’s breathability and it will also give a good water resistant layer to the outside of the building.

3.Energy efficiency: Due to its ability to provide a highly breathable layer which is resistant to the elements it can have a positive impact on the air quality within the building and can help reduce energy consumption. It is suitable for use as part of an energy-efficient building envelope system.

4.Artistic applications: Sgraffito and frescoes are types of artistic finishes, which can be achieved with the use of lime render.

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