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We are a carbon capture company; our bi-product is high performing and healthy homes!


The Hemp Block Company: 


The Hemp blocks are the most accessible form of hempcrete, they are easy to use and require no special tools or machinery. They are light, easy to handle and with their size progress on site is very quick.

We are passionate about building with hempcrete for two simple reasons, firstly it has huge environmental benefits, and secondly it’s ability to wrap your home in a naturally insulating breathable blanket.

Philosophy/ Inspiration –

We passionately believe building materials should be good for your health, good for the planet’s health and perform extremely well.

The inspiration for creating the Hemp Block Company came from listening to two separate features on the radio. The first was on Radio Five Live, which was talking about how to reduce the amount of carbon currently in the atmosphere, and specifically creating machines that capture carbon (which hemp does naturally) and the other item was on Radio 2, discussing the current housing shortage in the UK. The answer to us was obvious, why not build more properties using hempcrete.

Boards & Insulation

Hemp Blocks