Using PAVATEX insulation



Double climate protection

Anyone who uses PAVATEX insulation makes a diverse contribution to climate protection. Because all PAVATEX insulation boards are made from the renewable raw material wood, which thanks to its natural properties makes a two-fold contribution to reducing CO  :

  • Wood is a natural CO store: there is a great deal of carbon in the wood fibers, which was absorbed from the atmosphere during the growth of the trees and converted into wood. The carbon stored in this way is withdrawn from the global cycle and thus improves the overall CO 
    For example, the ecological balance for the construction of a single-family house can be improved by around 34,000 kg of bound CO 2 if wood fiber insulation is used.
  • The insulation reduces energy consumption in the building thanks to its protection against cold and heat.This saves heating costs and conserves stocks of fossil fuels such as oil, gas or coal – and also lowers CO  

With every house that is insulated with PAVATEX, new CO 2 stores are created that extend the natural storage function of the wood and thus provide practical climate protection piece by piece.


Sustainable from raw material extraction and production

No raw material for insulation material is more natural than wood. All PAVATEX products consist of untreated wood fibers that are pressed into panels using an ecological process.

PAVATEX products stand for environmentally friendly use of resources. The wood for PAVATEX insulation materials, mostly fir and spruce, comes from forest companies in the region around the respective plant. Since wood is a renewable raw material and the production process in the PAVATEX plants is energy-efficient, PAVATEX wood fiber insulation boards meet the highest sustainability requirements.

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