Roofing Systems

A modern roof insulation system must do more than just protect building occupants from cold. It must create a comfortable and healthy environment in all possible combinations of external and internal conditions and control the effects of external heat, cold, noise and internal moisture generation.

Unity Lime Roofing Systems

Keep the building warmer for longer in cold weather:
Low thermal conductivity and high vapour permeability provide high thermal insulation with no risk of interstitial condensation. Vapour barriers are unnecessary. Wood fibre boards reduce the effect of thermal bridging and the interlocking board design easily achieves good wind tightness, so increasing thermal performance. Energy use for heating is significantly reduced leading to lower CO2 emissions and running costs.

Keep the building quieter:
The high mass and the fibrous texture of PAVATEX woodfibre boards gives excellent acoustic performance to buildings.

Keep the building cooler in hot weather:
The unique combination of high density, high specific heat capacity and low thermal conductivity gives Unity Lime’s Pitched Roof solutions the effect of thermal mass that would normally be associated with green roofs. Compared to conventional sarking material the risk of condensation behind it during cold nights is minimized as the boards will store the day’s heat.

Keep the building dry and breathable:
PAVATEX woodfibre boards are very vapour permeable and hygroscopic. This allows them to disperse accumulating short term moisture and protect vulnerable elements of the building fabric, with no reduction in the performance of the boards themselves. The boards allow moisture from within the structure to pass easily to the outside. This provides a safeguard against high moisture content. This is vital for the long-term health of the building fabric, and is completely overlooked by most conventional insulation systems.


New Build Pitched Roof

Vapour open roofing system with excellent specific heat capacity, excellent at preventing summertime overheating as well as providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation year round.  

The system is suitable for most external finishing options, including metal, clay and slate tiling. 

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Flat Roof – Ventilated

An excellent high performance, breathable roofing system that is also suitable for a green roof finish. 

The system is suitable for most external finishing options including sedum, metal, timber or similar decking.

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Internally Fitted Roof

With 2 options available this system allows for simple installation from the inside of the building. A great solution for those that are unable to raise the roofline.

The system is suitable for most internal finishing options, including lime plaster, clay plaster or plaster board finish.

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3D Insulated Pitched Roof

Retrofit Pitched Roof

A solution to achieve excellent airtightness on existing roofs where you are able to raise the roofline externally.

The system is suitable for most external finishing options including metal, clay and slate tiling.

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Additional systems are available and the systems can be combined to create an extremely high performance. For more information please contact our technical department.