Why Build With a Timber Frame? 

Sustainability – We have been building with timber for as long as civilisation has existed. When farmed correctly timber is one of the most truly sustainable building materials, naturally locking up CO2 and providing a resource with many applications. Across Europe through responsibly managed forestry, the area of land covered in forest has increased by 10% in 2020 compared to 1990.

It is natural! – Timber is one of the few naturally occurring materials that is suitable for structural applications. It requires very little energy to process compared to other structural building materials, it is generally non-toxic and doesn’t leak VOC’s into the building. 

A store for carbon – Trees grow using carbon drawn from their surrounding environment. This carbon would otherwise be adding to the growing environmental problem from the release of gasses that have an overall detrimental effect on our planet. Using timber in construction provides a carbon store for the life time of the building.

Energy efficient timber houses – Product life cycle studies have repeatedly demonstrated that wood and timber frame houses significantly outperform steel and concrete.

Easy to use – Timber is extremely versatile and can be used in a wide variety of applications. Being light, it is easy to transport, install and can be worked using simple equipment and even hand tools. This reduces the overall energy required during construction.

Speed – The speed of build is much quicker with timber & considerably more so if build in an offsite factory. A timber frame can be pre-cut, modulated, and engineered to precision making its build time considerably quicker compared to conventional building systems.

Timber Frame External Insulation – Closed Cladding

The system complies with the most stringent of standards – from baseline building regulations through to Passivhaus.

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Timber Frame External Insulation – Open Cladding

The system is suitable for open clad finishes where additional UV protection is required. All components for the system are available from Unity Lime.

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Timber Frame External Insulation – Rendered

The system is available in an extensive number of render options including colour, texture and weathering resistance. All components for the system are available from Unity Lime.


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