PAVATEX protects against heat in summer

It’s tempting to think of insulation as being a means to keep us warm in the winter by reducing heat loss. However, this is only one function of Pavatex wood fibre insulation.

A reduction in summertime over-heating will have a huge impact on the comfort levels within your home, so it’s very important to consider this when choosing how to insulate your property.

Many types of conventional insulation don’t effectively keep high radiant heat levels out of the home on the hottest days of the year. Thanks to it’s high density, Pavatex insulation will prevent over-heating as it’s thermal mass stores external heat during the day and releases it slowly over time. This leads to a more consistent room temperature around the clock, as opposed to the peaks and troughs experienced with lower density, non-breathable insulations. Pavatex has an impressive decrement delay of up to 12 hours, meaning it can take this long for the midday heat to pass into the building.

decrement delay
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