Hemp Blocks – The Benefits for Installers


Alongside the fantastic range of benefits of using hemp blocks in the home – such as a healthier environment due to having no off-gassing and the thermal mass that will be added to the building, another consideration is how simple the installation process is. Hemp blocks give the installer a relatively simple-to-modify material which can be manipulated to the desired design and building characteristics as required. 

Hemp blocks are an incredibly lightweight material which are so easy to move and install in comparison to other blocks. The effort required to move these around the site is minimal in construction terms.


hemp blocks

As well as being easy to handle, another installation benefit of hemp blocks is that, by their very nature are incredibly simple to cut and adapt to suit the specific requirements of the build. 

A beautiful curve can easily be applied to the edge to the blocks to create an absolutely stunning aesthetic finish. This is generally achieved by using a scratch float or similar tool (pictured below). 

This is in addition to the relative ease with which the block can have a channel cut into it to enable electrical trunking to be installed.

These blocks can be cut, shaped, and assembled using standard construction techniques and no specialist skills or equipment, making them a practical choice for builders.


hemp blocks
Hemp Blocks

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At Unity Lime we champion sustainable insulation and building products and we can supply hempcrete blocks in various sizes. 

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