Marlow Green Energy

On November 18th 2023, Unity Lime was delighted to take part in the Marlow Green Energy Show, where residents were looking for ways to save energy when upgrading their homes with modern energy-saving measures. We displayed alongside a great range of exhibitors, covering various aspects of green energy from insulation to retrofit design and the best ways to utilize solar energy.

Marlow is an excellent town to discuss the benefits of sustainable insulation materials due to the variety of buildings in the local area. The Victorian properties with a solid wall structure benefit the most from PAVATEX’s wood fibre IWI systems or cork insulation for basement & wet room applications. Other sections of the town were classic 70’s and 80’s constructions with very little insulation and the homeowners were in desperate need of advice on how to simply upgrade their house without causing interstitial condensation issues or potential summertime overheating. Some attendees were exploring the option of extensions or garden rooms and were delighted to learn about the sustainable alternatives to conventional insulations with high embodied carbon. A very common talking point is people looking to upgrade their loft insulation and were delighted to learn there are non-itchy natural fibre materials such as sheep wool or denim (cotton) insulation that are cost-effective, high-performing, and a vital part of the circular economy to prevent unnecessary waste.

Unity Lime wants to support local energy groups and spread awareness of the benefits of Natural Fiber insulations. Should you be hosting an event in your local area, please let our marketing team know, and we can support you in your quest to create a cleaner, greener, and more energy-efficient community.


Other Attendees

  • Marlow Energy Group
  • Tepeo
  • Greenspace Architects
  • Kimble Solar
  • CLPM
  • Delta-T Heating Systems
  • Solar Tracker
  • Solarbility
  • EcoTiffin
  • Ivie
  • OXON Energy