Manufacturers of Lime Mortar, Lime Putty & Lime Building Products

We offer a marriage of modern manufacturing and traditional materials, with a forward looking attitude and an accurate knowledge of the past.

Today, backed by many years of research and development we offer the perfect solution for all your Traditional Building Materials. Providing choice, convenience and consistency, with truly authentic Lime Mortar mixes and other Lime Based natural and breathable products at very competitive prices.

Unity Lime provides everything you could need for your project.

We are a knowledge base and learning resource for homeowners and tradespeople alike.

Offering sound advice, instruction and training, together with our range of authentic lime products we pride ourselves on quality of process and providing the very best materials and advice to suit your application. Your conservation project, however big or small is our main concern, we owe it to the building to effect repairs, restoration and conservation, in the correct way, with the correct materials, the way the building deserves.

Therefore it is our commitment to our customers and web-site visitors that we provide a friendly and efficient service, with low-cost deliveries on large orders, ensuring you have what you require when you need it.  All of our products are natural except for unavoidable packaging components. The wooden crates we use are from sustainable woodlands and our manufacturing processes are all as efficient and as ecological as possible. We produce little waste; we use no gas, and very little electricity.