PAVATEX protects against noise

Noise is not only bothersome, but also poses a risk to health. In cities in particular, people are exposed to sources of noise on a continuous basis. If you can’t get away from this noise even in your own home, this can result in serious health problems. It is therefore well worth protecting your home accordingly.

PAVATEX wooden fibre panels offer outstanding protection from airborne and impact noise. In frequency ranges relevant to building acoustics, PAVATEX is a clear winner with its outstanding noise absorption properties. Regardless of whether you’re faced with a large building site on your doorstep or you live near an airport or busy road, PAVATEX provides reliable protection against noise.

Thanks to their high specific weight and porous fibre structure PAVATEX insulation materials protect effectively against noise within your four walls. Interfering noise is kept outside and you can enjoy a quiet indoor atmosphere

Noise protection needs to be consistently considered during the project planning- and implementation stages. Problemspecific solutions for roofs, partition walls, façades and ceilings must be optimally integrated into the structural components. PAVATEX woodfibre insulation is for all-purpose use in both mansonry and lightweight structures.

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