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IndiNature insulation was founded in 2016 to make high-quality natural insulations and to make them available locally around the globe – on an industrial scale and price competitive.

IndiNature’s parent company is based in Edinburgh – leading on materials innovation including biotech R&D and novel construction products.

The first subsidiary will be a high capacity insulation factory they call their Hempworks – using traditional industrial hemp crops – in the Scottish Borders.

Industrial hemp is a historic crop in the UK – it was grown for its durability and strength for the Navy’s rigging and anchor ropes and sails.

IndiNature’s natural fibre insulations capture a net amount of carbon, are made from local UK hemp crops and result in zero waste.  Durable and soft they are healthy to build with. They also provide passive regulation of temperature and humidity for added indoor comfort and health.

IndiNature insulation uses very fast growing industrial crops – these pull CO2 from the air as they grow, which then gets locked up in our products. Their manufacturing processes use as little as 10% of the energy of conventional insulations. This means, in total, the products are storing a net amount of carbon – reversing climate change.

IndiNature has a global strategy to meet growing – and urgent – policy and market demands to reduce carbon and plastic in the construction industry.

The company’s innovations are ready at the right time, leading the way in the circular bio-economy to reverse climate change at scale.