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Upcoming Events In The New Year –  Dates To Be Confirmed 

“The Next Generation In Roof Insulation” – The Multifunctionality of Insulation

“IWI Pitfall And Solutions” – Focusing on Historic Building.

NEW: Thermafleece CPD,  also a couple of new ones in the pipeline.

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Some comments and feedback from previous attendees:

“Great technical presentation, very clear and useful”.

“Thank you for yesterday’s CPD, it was incredibly helpful”.

“I’ve just binge watched both parts. Very nice, concise, clear explanation of the applied science, which I found very useful! Also some very good diagrams I’d like to use, most with cited sources”.

“CPD was great – really appreciated getting back to first principles in relation to IWI & wood fibre. Thank you for organising and the invitation”.

“Thank you for the CPD today, it was very informative and those of the practice who could attend really enjoyed it”.

” It was the most clearly communicated webinar I’ve been to on this subject, and made the case for using these materials very accessibly.”