Wood Fibre Insulation – An Introduction

Pavatex Wood Fibre Insulation

The Ultimate Insulation for Sustainability and Performance
Wood fibre insulation is a sustainable and effective insulating material which is manufactured using waste wood from various paper mills. Its thermal performance is superb but there are many other benefits to using wood fibre as opposed to other more traditional insulations.

Wood Fibre Manufacturing Process

The wood industry, like many others was looking for ways improve their waste management and environmentally friendly credentials, so one of the ways this was done was to collect up all the discarded wood and make it into something useful, like insulation!
Once the discarded waste wood has been collected a giant grinder is used to release the fibres, it is then made into solid insulation boards or flexible insulation by being first heated up and then pressurized. The outcome is an insulation that not only performs thermally but is also non-toxic whilst providing superb heat regulation during the hot months of the year.
See our in-depth article on the manufacturing process here.

Advantages of Pavatex Wood Fibre Insulation

  • Breathability – Contrary to what the name may imply it does not actually refer to air flow. Breathability refers to how the material allows moisture to move within a wall or roofing system in its gas form. Pavatex wood fibre has superb breathability due to its ability to readily diffuse vapour, further to this it has excellent hygroscopic properties, therefore it is able to regulate moisture, keep it at safe levels and prevent it from entering the building fabric and causing damage. Woodfibre insulation is both airtight and vapour permeable and help regulate humidity in the room.
  • Heat Storage Capacity – Many people think of insulation as a means to keep the home warm during winter, but one of the many properties of Pavatex wood fibre is that it is able to store heat and release it slowly throughout the day. In practice this results in a much more consistent and comfortable temperature throughout the entire day and night, rather than extreme peaks of heat at the hottest point in the afternoon.
  • Thermal Performance – Pavatex gives outstanding thermal values to ensure that heat loss is kept to a minimum.
  • Acoustic Performance – Because of the density of the wood fibre insulation, in addition to the thermal performance it also offers superb acoustic performance.
  • Non-toxic – Wood fibre, unlike some ‘traditional’ types of insulation, omits absolutely no VOC’s into the room which can be detrimental to health. Using this type of insulation can not only give a comfortable indoor environment, but also a healthier one!

Sustainability of Wood Fibre Insulation

One of the important elements of why wood fibre is a great choice is that in addition to its amazing performance, is that it is a natural, sustainable and more eco-friendly alternative. At Unity Lime we are passionate about working towards a green construction industry and choosing sustainable insulation is one of the many ways this can be achieved.
Greater use of wood fibre insulation in the building industry is one of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. This is because trees naturally capture C02 and store it as carbon and when they become mature and get harvested, the carbon is locked into the end product for its entire lifespan.
Pavatex insulation only uses sustainably sourced wood and waste collected from sawmills which greatly reduces the overall carbon footprint of the manufacturing process.
We are national insulation merchants and the UK distributor for Pavatex products, so if you need any help or advice, we will be only too happy to assist you.

Some of our Most Popular Wood Fibre Products
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Wood Fibre Insulation

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Wood Fibre Insulation

Insulation Systems with Wood Fibre

As well as insulation products, we also supply systems for various applications. Seesome of our systems here. Many more are available, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch !

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