Energy Event at Brill – February 2024

Brill Parish Council held their first ever community energy fair with the aim of bringing together the local community alongside various experts to shed light on the importance of energy efficiency in the home. This included guest speakers as well as local companies. With the majority of the village still on Oil, it was great to showcase a variety of technologies that could improve their lifestyle while reducing their energy bills and carbon footprint.

Unity Lime were on hand to advise those in attendance of the insulation options for available for their homes and the importance of insulation working in conjunction with other innovations and systems. It’s important to remember that without the correct insulation, the amount of generated heat lost from the property will greatly increase, so it’s a critical element of the overall picture when considering how to reduce the amount of energy used in the home.

With the cost of energy rising we need to do as much as we can to make our homes more efficient, by doing so we also reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. This can be done through Solar panels, Air source heat pumps and carbon neutral / carbon negative insulation materials as well!

We hope that everyone who attended found this event useful.


Brill energy event