New Product Release

Here at Unity Lime Products, we are excited to announce a new range, we have started to supply from IndiNature.

It’s healthy, carbon-negative and vapour breathable flexible insulation batts are made with UK hemp. Healthy and soft to touch for installers. Very large carbon savings – net negative embodied carbon. Building occupants will benefit from the exceptional thermal and moisture buffering properties of this sustainable material. It has the added property of low-density heat storage, which means indoor temperatures stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Durability tested.

Circular by Design

  • Minimise cradle-to-cradle environmental impacts.
  • Use fast-growing, renewable and abundant materials
  • Use materials which can be reused, reprocessed, recycled or composted at the end of life rather than ending up in landfill
  • Design for disassembly (easy to take apart at end of life)
  • Encourage renewable energy systems
  • Use no toxic processes or chemicals
  • Use no petro-plastics
  • Replicate globally to maximise impacts

Comfort and Health

  • Create excellent air quality
  • Create steady indoor temperatures with smart materials (warm in winter, cool in summer)
  • Create steady humidity with smart materials (no condensation, no mould – the smart IndiBreathe system passively regulates temperature and humidity)
  • Remove toxic Volatile Organic Compounds off-gassing into buildings
  • Reduce pulmonary risks indoors (e.g. black mould, dust, asthma)
  • Make materials healthy for builders and electricians to handle, cut and install – no carcinogenic dusts, no lung or skin irritations
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