New Product Range


Here at Unity Lime Products, we are excited to announce a new range, we have started to supply from ADAPTAVATE

Breathaplasta is an ideal companion product for wood fibre and woodwool boards.
It is a quick-setting lime plaster that has a higher performance and healthier alternative to mainstream plaster products.

Adaptavate is an award-winning company rethinking and redesigning the way building materials are produced, used, and disposed of. They are innovating and designing low-carbon construction products for healthy buildings and inhabitants which help ensure the longevity of our fragile ecosystem whilst surpassing the performance of market-leading products.

By taking an innovative approach to the design and manufacture of construction products they endeavour to clean up and breathe a breath of fresh air into this traditionally conservative sector. They aim to produce these progressive materials at the scale needed to have a significant positive impact on the health of people and

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