Pre-mixed Hydraulic Lime Mortar
Our Hydraulic Lime Mortars are available in two different strengths HLM3.5, and HML5. A blend of natural hydraulic lime (NHL), high calcium lime (CL90), well -graded aggregates and pigments, if required or specified.

They do not contain patented cements.

Our mortars are factory batched to ensure quality and consistency of the dry mortar product.

Hydraulic lime mortar (HLM3.5) is often the mortar strength of choice for general building, pointing, renders, internal base coat plasters. Whereas Hydraulic Lime Mortar (HLM 5) is commonly used for the foundations of buildings, coastal locations, or for parapets, coping’s and chimneys in external areas.
Mixing Hydraulic Lime Mortar
A drum mixer when used will provide adequate mixing. Water must be clean and free from organic matter, ideally tap water. Just simply add approximately 4-5 litres of water for each 25kg bag of dry material, depending on the consistency of the mix required. Following trials on site to establish workability and colour, record water addition and maintain throughout the mixing period. Measure dosage of water per 25kg bag. Contact us for further information.

In the hydraulic lime mortar range, we do have sample sticks that we can ship out to ensure the colour is right for you.

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